Glue is best applied to surfaces  with a brush. It is a challenge to spread glue out of a bottle or tube without a way to smooth it out  over all the surfaces to be joined. Ecostik offers a solution to provide the best way to apply the glue with a brush that is economical and disposable after use.


Imagine painting details where two different colors or type of paint meet without needing to mask with tape or other methods. Ecostik straight brush edge lets you paint with confidence to make sharp clean edges where molding and  trim meet walls. Great for touchups also to keep clean-up to a minimum.


Many people pride in the appearance and condition of their vehicles. The details are important. We know that and know Ecostik brushes are up to the task of cleaning out the tightest crevices that trap very small yet visible contaminants. The brushes can do double duty when combined with solvents to clean grease and road grime from engine parts that would otherwise be a challenge to remove.


With many types of restoration, dust is the first thing encountered. After initial cleaning there are nooks and crannies that are collection points for grit and fine particles of whatever; paint, metal, wood and other fine debris that escapes most efforts to remove. Ecostik alone or with cleaning agents decontaminate in a gentle non-mpactful manner to restore original luster revealing details that may have escaped the eye.


Plants and flowers collect dust. Removing dust  is not an easy project for the most part since plants are fragile and many have tiny fibers that dust clings to. The gentle hairs of Ecostik remove dust and restore glossy surfaces of leaves as well, making plant care something to look forward to. The brushes can be used dry or wet for any type of plant or flower. They can even stand in for spot application of insecticides or herbicides to minimize over spray and contamination of other neighboring growth. Handy and recyclable.